First post

This is the first blog post for my website. An exciting moment, really. It’s been quite a long journey, starting with,
What do I need a website for? (me)
Well, everyone who’s trying to sell something has one. (Husband/friend/postman)
How do I get one of those, then? (me)
Design it yourself, Mum. (Optimistic, helpful middle son)

Two years and a Design your own website self help manual later (thanks to optimistic, helpful middle son), I was no better off. Correction: I had done lots of decorating, drawings, singing, reading, writing, cooking (mmm, cake!), walking and yet more decorating and had grappled with style sheets, (no, not designer bedlinen), html tags, plug-ins (no, not air-freshener) and widgets, but still no website. Then up pops my friendly web developer Rosemary and whisks me off on a creative journey which has involved a lot more drawing than I expected to do and a lot of fun along the way. I’m immensely grateful to her for her ideas and her endless patience while we put this baby together, so thanks for that.

I hope you enjoy exploring. Do get in touch. Feedback (preferably gushingly enthusiastic feedback) is the lifeblood of insecure authors, you know! I love doing workshops, which cover fun stuff like the writing process and where you get ideas from but also some unexpectedly serious stuff such as body image, eating disorders and doctoring images for the media. As relevant in my fictitious 18th century country of Langden as it is in 21st century UK.

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